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The Linley Group 2020 Best Processor IP Award


VSORA is a French company providing a comprehensive solutions for autonomous driving (AD) and ADAS. The aim is to reduce the entry barrier enabling L4/L5 autonomous driving.

Because of the fundamental design of our architecture we have the ability to provide almost unlimited compute power for both AI and signal processing at a very low power consumption (with a small silicon footprint). This solves the “power gap” issue that is plaguing the existing solutions on the market, which effectively limits them to L2 or parts of L3 functionality. Our solution is to provide a companion compute chip that offloads the heavy AI and signal processing algorithm computing from the existing (and new) vehicle compute systems - e.g. central compute or sensor hubs. A complementary solution that will allow the car makers to rapidly progress to L4/L5.

Our powerful multi-core DSP architecture eliminates the need for DSP co-processors and hardware accelerators to provide a superior level of flexibility and by using high-level programming language any need to write low-level code is eliminated. Our state-of-the-art DSP design process and architectures boost the computing power while simultaneously optimizing power consumption, silicon area and system performance.

Based near Paris, France, the company was founded in 2015 by a team of highly qualified and accomplished DSP experts and entrepreneurs.