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Design Tools

Development Flow Overview


An innovative software-oriented development flow eliminates design risks and accomodates evolving standards without silicon re-spins. The pioneering flow accelerates the development of a new system and reduces the time to market. System code is implementation agnostic and multi-core configurations can be changed, moving to more advanced technology nodes. Each core can scale in processing power and computation accuracy. The compiler separates code running on the host and on the VSORA companion processor (single or multi-core).

Development Flow

Compiler separes code running on MPU and host

Complex System Implementations Simplified

The system code is implemented in high-level language, using, for example, C++ or Matlab-like / Tensorflow-like code.

The code is written as if everything is executed on the host, and at compilation the smart compiler will separate code running on the VSORA MPU from the code running on the host. For the designer it will look as if everything is executed on the host processor.

Using one code for both algorithms and the embedded software makes the design process faster and simpler, which results in a minimal learning curve.